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About us 


Conformity Ltd was founded on May 24th, 2004 with the goal of bringing together the two independently operating professional groups in order to create a harmonious limited liability coproration with a new, common, main objective.

The company's primary activity focuses on the manufacturing steel construction.

Manufacturing and rental of stagecraft equipment is the second profile, where the rental process, as well as other administrative, financial, marketing, logistical and customer relationship activities are tended to by the business management consulting office. This office specializes in business management and environmental safety consultation.

The workshop provides further servicing tasks, as well as locksmith jobs and wrought-iron works carried out by proud journeymen who have decades of experience. 

A special goup of the company has been planning and producing container for donation of clothing since 1992. The main clients in this profile are: foundations, assosiatons, small and medium-sized companies from the EU.

Though the company has been  operating for ten years, it has accomplished a lot during this time by fulfilling many orders successfully, and consequently now has a satisfied, loyal client base.

Conformity Ltd. supports the international bicycle race, Gemenc Cup, a halfmarathon run Szekszárd Wine Region Half Marathon (Borvidék Félmaraton) and an assosiation called KÖMINE which is commited to protect the environment, health and consuming proper quality.



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Conformity Ltd.
H-7100, Szekszárd, Kerámia str. 1/f.

Tel/fax: 00 36/ 74-317-590
Mobile: 00 36/ 70-578-0038
E-mail: info@conformity.hu