Mérnöki, üzletviteli tanácsadás Acélszerkezet gyártás Színpadtechnika



Steel construction production 


We specialize in the design, construction and installation of quality structural steelwork for main frame and secondary steelwork project as buildings, halls, container for donation of clothing and steel components.

We undertake works as both sub-contractor status for main contractors and also end users direct.

  • Steel constructions, steel components
  • Container for donation of clothing
  • Stainless steel products
  • Wrought iron products
  • Steel construction production and assembly for building-trade, industry, commerce
  • Mobile loading ramp
  • Doors, Fences, individual doors and windows
  • Plate locksmith jobs

After knowing the demand we can provide you with a particular quotation. Our clients are important to us, so our main goal is dynamic approach and successful completion to all contracts to achieve client's production requirements – and historical costs.

We can provide you with comprehensive information to ease the professional construction.